Partial Hospitalization Program for Addiction


Partial hospitalization is a form of outpatient treatment that involves partial daycare at New Hope Health, while receiving treatment for drug, alcohol or mental illness. We offer PHP programs to treat substance abuse and addiction. Once a client completes their detox and inpatient treatment, PHP is a transition step that comes after, or as an alternative to inpatient treatment, depending on patient’s needs. For individuals suffering from co-occurring mental health issues PHP may provide a more intensive level of care than an outpatient program. 

A typical day in a Partial Hospitalization Program may include group therapy, psych-educational groups, skill building, and individual therapy for issues that are driving an individual towards addictive behaviors. PHP provides a more comprehensive treatment and benefits such as an inpatient program, while also offering coping skills and real life integration of an intensive outpatient (IOP) program.

Our Treatment Approach in PHP

Alternative to Inpatient Care

For patients in our PHP Programs as an alternative to inpatient treatment, we provide medical supervision and assistance, so that patients can recover in a safe environment that is not hospital-like.

Dual Diagnosis

Although every one of our patients approach us for addiction treatment, we provide dual diagnosis based on individual evaluations of a patient’s current situation, medical history, family history, and the impact of addiction on their daily life.

Individual Therapy

Our licensed counselors and therapists specialize in treating addiction related disorders so that they can help our clients identify why they are pursuing addictive substances and behaviors.

Group Therapy

Our expert staff is trained and certified to provide counseling services in group sessions, such as peers who are in similar situations, and for their families. 

Life Skills

Before patients transition over to an Outpatient program, PHP also starts providing sessions to help them through stress management, relapse prevention, and other life skills such as relationship building and coping. In addition, holistic practices also help provide a more balanced approach to treatment in PHP.

What does PHP look like?

Patients will meet with our medical professionals if prescription medications are needed. Our expert staff of licensed mental health professionals facilitate therapy, psychoeducation and periodic evaluations. Our case managers are involved hands-on during skill building sessions and provide a support system in addition to the patient’s peer group and family.

The partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) offers one-on-one counseling sessions with a psychiatrist specializing in addiction and mental health disorders. You’ll also attend group therapy sessions led by therapists who specialize in group work and have experience working with people with similar issues. In addition to these services, PHP offers other options such as relapse prevention training, medication management support, and medication education.

Who Can Benefit From PHP For Addiction?

When you come into our treatment center at New Hope Health, you will receive a formal assessment from one of our licensed professionals who will evaluate your current situation, mental health issues, medical history and family history, and provide an individualized treatment plan that is specific to your needs.

A PHP Program may be right for you if:
  • You are medically stable but need supervision
  • You have completed detox and inpatient treatment
  • You need more support than an outpatient program
  • You are not at risk of self-harm or harming others
  • You have co-occurring mental health issues

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