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Adventure Therapy

At New Hope we use experiential therapy that combines nature, community, exercise and a sense of adventure to introduce various aspects of healing within a single activity. Our therapists have seen a marked improvement in our clients’ overall wellbeing, including at physical, social and psychological levels, allowing them to increase their self-confidence and trust in themselves and others around them.

Why Adventure Therapy

In contrast with the more traditional healing modalities, adventure therapy effectively uses fun, team building exercises, and outdoor expeditions to promote growth, self esteem, and enhancement of an individual’s wellbeing. We have seen that our clients gain independence, learn social skills, and even experience inner transformation, allowing them to become confident human beings.

Activities Include:

Benefits Of Adventure Therapy

While we have seen that experiential therapy is an effective approach to treating mental health disorders, especially for teens and adolescents, it has also proven impactful during recovery.