Sober Living

At New Hope we believe that a comfortable, home-like setting is very important. We work closely with sober living facilities that offer structure and support. Residents learn to become responsible for themselves, while in a supportive environment. Residents of the sober living homes are expected to follow the rules of the house, while being encouraged to attend 12-step meetings, school or work.

Why Sober Living

Our program provides private, dignified homes for men and women seeking a safe and supportive environment while in treatment at New Hope. Residents of the program live in a structured and fully furnished home while receiving daily group programming and counseling from highly trained staff members. We encourage fitness and healthy living so you have the resources to succeed. Our goal is to empower you to enjoy a sober life by teaching you healthy coping skills and promoting a supportive environment that cultivates relationships with others.

High Accountability

While we encourage residents to become more independent, we also have established rules that are intended to help residents remain accountable for their actions and choices. We have additional support mechanisms such as reporting, accountability partners, drug testing, etc.

Better Relationships

Another important area of improvement that our residents see is that they will start building healthier, more supportive friendships and relationships. We provide a supportive community of like-minded peers who are on a similar journey to recovery, as well as help them learn better communication skills.

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