Intensive Outpatient Program


What is IOP?

An Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a phase of treatment offered to addiction patients who have already completed, or do not need, detoxification and inpatient treatments. At New Hope Health, this gradual step-down process from the more acute treatments is designed to allow more freedom while also attending programming and gaining more confidence in using new coping skills. 

The goal of IOP at New Hope Health is to produce the best chances for growth as you or your loved one learn how to thrive off of these tools. Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is designed to help clients lead more productive and meaningful lives.

Our Treatment Approach

At New Hope Health we work on a level system to tangibly measure progress of the individual. Each level will have a minimum time that the client will be required to attend before phasing up. The levels are set up strategically to create long term success to clients from all backgrounds and severity of addiction.

As part of our approach, we offer several phases of recovery such as Detox with medical assistance, Inpatient treatment for completing detoxing at our residential facility, Partial Hospitalization for those who have a good support system, and Outpatient program for patients ready to confidently transition back into their daily life.

Our Intensive Outpatient Program is a transition step down from rehab care but with well-monitored outpatient treatment, including tracking attendance, monitoring progress and recording successes.

Benefits Of Intensive Outpatient Program For Addiction

1. Flexible Scheduling

Because our IOP programs do not require a residential stay at our facility, they provide more opportunities for flexibility to the patient to receive treatment according to their availability and schedule.

2. Confidential Treatment

Getting admitted into a rehab still has some stigma attached to it for some people. IOP offers a confidential alternative to hospitalization.

3. Support Network

One of the major benefits of IOP programs is that patients can still maintain a regular connection with their support system of peers and community.

4. Coping Skills

In addition to receiving treatment for addiction and mental health issues, patients also receive skills-building and support for integrating back into their real life, relationships, and responsibilities.

5. Affordable Treatment

Getting admitted into a rehab still has some stigma attached to it for some people. IOP offers a confidential alternative to hospitalization.


IOP Services

IOP provides various services to help you or your loved one thrive. Objectives are set between you and your therapist that focus on recovery skills. Therapy sessions occur throughout the week with progress reports sent to your sponsor and/or family member. Group therapy is included in select groups, usually, once a week, where clients learn from each other’s experiences creating an environment of empathy and support.

Some of our IOP services include:
  • Individual therapy
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Group therapy
  • 12-step program
  • Non 12-step options
  • Holistic practices
  • Support community

How does it work?

The first step in our IOP Addiction Treatment is an assessment with one of our staff members. This will include questions about your history of substance abuse and any related mental health disorders. If you require further treatment, you will be referred to our doctors who can provide medication-assisted treatment options if necessary.

After this initial meeting, you will meet with your case manager who will set up your individualized treatment plan based on what was discussed during your assessment. This could include group therapy sessions and individual counseling sessions depending on your needs as determined by our doctors during their initial examination.


The level system tracks progress with set attendance requirements, ensuring long-term success.

Services include individual therapy, behavioral therapy, group therapy, 12-step and non-12-step options, holistic practices, and community support.

The program offers confidentiality by not requiring residential stays, reducing the stigma associated with inpatient care.

It starts with a substance abuse and mental health history assessment. Further treatment options, including medication, are discussed with doctors. A case manager then creates a personalized treatment plan.

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